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Way too stressed out! I feel like I can’t take it
anymore. I am just done!

My anxiety and moods are so bad I am getting on everyone’s last nerve – and my own, too!

Too many things to do, not enough time to do it. It’s out of control. Or am I out of control? Don’t know anymore.

I feel so unmotivated. I can’t seem to be happy with things I used to be excited about. I feel lost now. I want to feel better about my life!

I really need to make some changes in my life – I am not happy with my job or my relationships. I just don’t know where to start!

Self-awareness – we can help you see the issues differently, a fresh perspective, a better way to cope.

It pains me to see my child struggling, and
I have tried sooo many things.

My child is struggling at school, and I am frustrated and confused. I have met with his teachers, and they are providing support – but is it enough?

It seems my child is sensitive to so many things! Lights, noise, clothing, crowds; changing from one thing to another can be so overwhelming and cause a huge meltdown.

I am worried about my son socially. He just does not seem to fit in and does things that are off. I want him to have friends and fit in better.

My child has an explosive temper and is so impulsive! Her behavior is affecting the entire household! We need help!

We will help you figure out next steps. Whatever that is… assessment, consultation with you and your child’s school team, or therapy.

The drama at school has been really getting to me, friends, tests, homework! It is too much!

My parents keep asking me how I am, and I keep telling them, “I’m fine!” But I’m not fine, and I know it. My parents… like, they don’t understand. They just want to take away my Snap Chat, Instagram, and tell me I can’t go out.

I cut… I don’t want to, but it’s the ONLY thing that helps! I would stop if I could find another way.

My parents are freakin’ divorcing. This whole thing is so annoying! They are constantly fighting about EVERYTHING. My mom… she wants me to live with her. My dad… he wants me to live with him! I don’t want to choose!

You know what’s confusing? Me! That’s what’s confusing. I saw a Youtube the other day about a guy who’s trans. I think that’s me!!

You are not alone. We can support you. We know how. When your phone freezes, you access tech support! When your mind and emotions freeze or go on overload, you access therapy support!

Difficult or scary emotions do not have to control you. Life’s difficult challenges can be managed.

In a safe, non-judgmental space, our therapists will support your journey back to emotional wellness. We understand – we can help.

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About Us

We are a team of psychologists and therapists, each with a unique focus.

The lotus flower, rooted in muddy water, rises above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty. It is an ancient symbol of rebirth, renewal. Another ancient symbol, the triskelion, represents life’s journey, changing of life, and moving forward.

Our Growth Works therapists believe that change is possible. We all “get stuck in the muck” of life sometimes. Yet, with a fresh perspective, you can rise above and move forward, no matter your situation.

A single day, a single decision, can make a world of difference. A day when you choose to try again, to try a new perspective with a therapist who gets it, who can journey with you to find a way that works.

We offer evidence-based evaluations and therapy for your child, teen, transitioning young adult, and adult family member.

Get the tools you need to find renewal, to move forward.

We listen, we understand… we can help.

Fear of change can leave you frozen in ineffective or even destructive patterns. On one side… acceptance; on the other side… change. In the balance between the two lies a journey to emotional wellness.

A free 30-minute phone consultation now begins your personal journey.

Confidential, safe, non-judgmental.

We listen, we help, we understand.

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