The lotus flower, rooted in muddy water, rises above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty. It is an ancient symbol of rebirth, renewal. Another ancient symbol, the triskelion, represents life’s journey, changing of life, and moving forward.

Growth Works Center – together for you and your family!

We are a team of psychologists and therapists sharing a common vision – supporting the emotional well-being and resiliency of children, teens, young adults, and adults.

Our clinicians are diverse. Some have expertise in assessment/special education law, forensic psychology, evidenced-based specialties of cognitive behavior and dialectical behavior therapy, and mindfulness.

Some are bilingual (Russian speaking), Zen masters/martial arts experts, have had personal challenges and overcome adversities, and are parents.

Members of our staff…

…are kid-friendly and share passion for our work with children, teens, young adults.

…believe in the power of suicide prevention and education regarding mental illness.

…bring creativity and innovation to evidenced-based treatment (yes, we brave messy projects, movement-based activities, and song/dance when it comes to teaching flexibility and emotional coping skills!).

…are advocates for children/teens through community engagement and volunteering.

…are out-of-the-box thinkers – we work with you to creatively solve problems.

…respond to our clients outside of office hours to provide support when needed.

…respect the right of adults to make personal decisions.

Making good decisions is possible.

We promote insight and guidance, so you can make the best, more effective decisions for yourself.

You might think in the moment that you want someone to tell you what to do, but we know differently!

You want someone to believe in your ability to make good decisions for yourself.

You can change.

Our Growth Works therapists believe that change is possible.

We all “get stuck in the muck” of life sometimes. Yet, with a fresh perspective, you can rise above and move forward, no matter your situation.

A single day, a single decision can make a world of difference.

That day begins when you choose to try again, to try a new perspective with a therapist who gets it, who can journey with you to find a way that works.

Get the tools you need to find renewal, to move forward.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our treatment programs at Growth Works Center. I recognize the seriousness of your decision to seek support for yourself or your family. I hope this information has helped you with some of the questions you might have.

We offer evidence-based evaluations and therapy for your child, teen, transitioning young adult, and adult family member.

We listen, we understand… we can help. Contact us today.


As a licensed psychologist in Pennsylvania, I focus on the uniqueness of each individual or family who comes to me for help. I view therapy as a collaborative effort that involves movement toward a more balanced and healthy state of mind.

Moving from “distressed” to “de-stressed,” becoming more in control of emotions and thoughts, and feeling comfortable with decisions can be transforming. Therapy can help to create solutions to problems that on the surface seem insurmountable.

I specialize in psychotherapy services (children/teens and adults) to help individuals deal with life’s challenges. When your child exhibits out-of-control behavior, anxious behaviors, is refusing to go to school, or has attention problems and when your teen is highly anxious, depressed, is self-harming, or suicidal, you need a therapist you can trust and with whom you feel confident. You also need a therapist with whom your child/teen feels comfortable talking about issues. This is my area of strength.

In working with children, teens, and adults in psychotherapy, I realize that my clients are not “cookie cutter,” and therapy should not be either. I customize treatment and develop goals with you based on your unique needs, drawing from several different theoretical orientations so that you can benefit the most from therapy.

You may have heard of cognitive behavioral, dialectical, and attachment-based therapeutic approaches. These are some of the evidenced-based types of therapy that I may use to help you move forward.

With significant experience in the area of forensic psychology, I am actively involved in advocating for children of divorce. Whether this is through private custody evaluations, reunification support for children estranged from a parent, or co-parenting education, you can trust that my focus is on your children.

Evidence-based interventions are used to assist in determining best interests when conducting a custody evaluation or in supporting healthy relationships when working with high conflict families or estranged children and their parents.

If you would like specific details of my training and experience, my curriculum vitae is available for you to review at our center. I am happy to provide consultation to further assist you in finding the appropriate treatment that fits your specific needs.

When I’m not working…

Personally, I love spending time with family and friends. During my down time, you might find me hiking with my dogs, kayaking, binging on my fav TV shows, grabbing a good book, or taking a road trip.

And, yes, I have faced obstacles in life… many of them. These experiences taught me to how thrive in life, not just survive!


Widener University, Doctorate in Psychology
University of Louisiana, Master of Science in Psychology


Pennsylvania State Licensed Psychologist
Pennsylvania State Licensed School Psychologist

Professional Affiliations:

American Psychological Association
Pennsylvania Psychological Association
National Association of School Psychologist
Association of Family and Conciliation Courts
Court Conciliation and Evaluation Services