Adult Services

Sometimes the stress just seems too much.

We live in stressful, overwhelming times.

Even positive situations do not seem to bring joy anymore.

This causes us to be anxious, depressed, or feeling like you are ready to quit.

Dissatisfaction can cause stress.

Perhaps your relationship is not what you expected.

You may be questioning whether you have the right job or career.

Your self-esteem is at a low.

Rather than feeling incompetent, you wish you could be more confident.

You may be feeling bad about your body or have a poor body image.

Perhaps, you want to accept yourself for who you are and not allow self-criticism to get in the way.

Relationships are problematic.

You may be going through a divorce or other stressful event and are having trouble coping with your feelings.

Struggling with intimacy in your relationships or with your sexuality can be causing a rift with your partner.

You may be in a physically or emotionally abusive relationship and want a healthier one.

Your life is off kilter.

You are anxious, tense, and worry all the time. You can’t focus, are forgetful, are easily distracted, and disorganized

Perhaps you lack motivation and can’t seem to accomplish your goals.

You may simply be feeling overwhelmed and need to get back on track with your life.

You are having mood-related problems that are making it difficult for you to manage like you used to do.

Loss is hard to get over.

Maybe you lost a child, partner, member of your extended family, or good friend. Getting over loss is not easy.

Currently, that loss is causing suffering and grief.

Maybe you are looking for a change.

Sometimes, you feel a need to make a change in your life, but you don’t know where to start.

Don’t give up yet!

There is hope, and you can feel better.

Our therapists are experts in working with adults who have experienced trauma, are overloaded with work-related problems, have faced job loss, are having relationship problems, don’t feel excited about life anymore, or are simply living in a state of high anxiety.

You can find your way back.

Our therapists use evidence-based treatment to help you find your way back to you. You have it in you; it just seems out of reach right now.

Therapy can provide the momentum you need to find your inner strength again.

Call now to discuss your unique situation with us. Let us figure out next steps with you.