Educational Specialists

When school interventions are not working …

I am so concerned about my child’s progress at school!

I met with his teacher and the school team several times, and the interventions they are trying are not helping.

What more can I do to help? I am not an educator or teacher and don’t have the answer!

When your child is refusing to go to school…

When I can even get my child into the car in the morning, she becomes out of control and refuses to get out of the car when I get her there!

Her school has put a plan in place, but it isn’t working.

Seeing her cry hysterically every day is overwhelming me.

I feel so badly for her, and I don’t understand why she is so anxious about school.

When lack of self-esteem hinders performance…

My child is telling me that she is not smart enough. She is having trouble focusing and is so distracted.

My child seems disorganized and lacks self-confidence.

When you are concerned about these, and other types of academic and social/emotional struggles, our school psychologists can help you figure out next steps in supporting your child.

With help, your child can overcome academic woes.

Our psychologists can work with your child on important skills that will help them with academic competencies, such as executive functioning skills, organization, time management, flexible problem-solving, study skills, attention/focusing, and anxiety management skills.

Our school psychologists can help you and the school team support your child. They are nationally certified professionals and know how to support children who are struggling at school.

Whether your child is school avoidant, is frustrated because they have learning needs, or is struggling with attention problems, our school psychologists know how to navigate the school system, are knowledgeable in special education law, and understand the types of support and interventions your child needs to achieve academic success.

The first step is understanding the process.

Prior to an evaluation, your school team may talk to you about interventions to help your child.

This is a good thing! Typically, schools are intervening early, before your child becomes too far behind or fails.

Our school psychologists can help you understand this process better so that you can advocate for your child.

Interventions are not always enough.

When school interventions do not help your child’s acquisition of reading, math, or writing skills, a psycho-educational evaluation helps to determine what processing weaknesses your child may have that contribute to his/her learning struggles.

An evaluation determines if your child meets the criterion associated with any specific exceptionality.

Examples of exceptionalities include a health impairment, a learning disability, autism, intellectual disability, hearing impairment, speech/language impairment, a traumatic brain injury, or a social-emotional/behavioral disability.

The evaluation also will make recommendations about whether your child needs special education support or is in need of a 504-service agreement.

These terms may be unfamiliar to you. That’s okay! Our school psychologist can explain these services to you, so that it is understandable!

Recommendations come after evaluation.

The evaluation will provide recommendations that help you and your child’s school team develop an appropriate educational program that meets your child’s academic and social/emotional needs.

Recommendations are based on your child or teen’s unique profile and is strength-based. That means that we use your child’s strengths to improve identified areas of weakness or need.

Guidance is provided.

Our psychologists are experienced in navigating educational systems; are well-versed in special education law; and can help you, your school team, and your child achieve academic and personal growth.

When we conduct evaluations, we do not simply give you the results. We help guide you through the process of turning the results and recommendations into appropriate programs or treatments that will benefit your child.

Let us help ease those worries.

If you are at a point where you want your child/teen to feel better about themselves as learners or if you need help figuring out what school program would be best for your child/teen, call us!

We can help.