Social Skills Groups

Effective social skills are necessary for children to reach their full potential.

Social competency is as important as academic competency!

The inability to function effectively in different social contexts impacts the ability to not only achieve academically, but also to function in your private and public life.

Did you know that poor social skills can lead to life-long feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, and feelings of incompetency?

Whereas, improving social skills leads to positive outcome for children and teens.

Social groups help children and teens develop effective social skills.

Our social skills groups can help you support your child’s social development.

Our therapists work with you to reinforce the skills your child is learning in group.

Transferring learned skills in the group to real-life settings can be difficult; we have strategies to support your child’s use of learned skills at home and school.

What are some ways that social skills groups can help my child or teenager?

Social group skills help children gain confidence.

Girls who are between the ages of 9-12 are vulnerable to plummeting self-esteem and confidence.

Our empowerment group for girls builds confidence, self-acceptance, and courage.

They help your tween find her voice!

Children learn how to communicate.

Effective social communication skills are critical in navigating healthy relationships at home and at school.

Learning skills now will help with relationships for a lifetime.

Effective social skills help overcome loneliness and feeling ostracized.

Feeling socially ostracized or isolated leaves children more anxious and depressed.

Developing social communications skills can help your child overcome feelings of loneliness and build confidence.

Our groups provide children with important skills to help connect with others.

Groups help children overcome difficulties functioning in social settings.

Children and teens who have social anxiety, attention and executive functioning challenges, or autism spectrum disorder benefit from social skill instruction.

Social skills groups offer children the opportunity of forming friendships outside of the group setting.

Our groups provide a setting for children to learn social skills.

Social skills groups are fun, innovative, and creative.

Children love the LEGO group where they work cooperatively to build LEGO projects and even create a LEGO movie after their project is completed.

Your child or teen will benefit from the experience.

Our groups are cost-effective! Group costs range from $25.00 to $50.00 per session.
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