Telepsychology Services

Special circumstances prevent some from seeking therapy.

Sometimes, it is difficult or impossible to go to an office for therapy.

You might find yourself unable to find childcare, do not have transportation, or have a health problem that prevents you from traveling.

College students who are on campus sometimes can’t get to the office for therapy but are struggling and need support.

Online therapy is affordable and private.

Telepsychology allows us to provide you with the therapy services you need when you are unable to come into the office.

You do not have to go without therapy services because circumstances prevent you from traveling to an office.

Our telehealth sessions are conducted using confidential, secure HIPPA-compliant technology platforms.

You can trust that speaking with your therapist at Growth Works occurs in a private, secure setting.

Telepsychology therapy services are often covered by your insurance company. We have the capacity to provide you with accurate billing codes that will facilitate reimbursement by your insurance company, if services are covered in your plan.

Telepsychology eliminates the hassle.

We are happy to support your access to therapy using our telepsychology services.

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