Young Adults in Transition

Dazed and confused about what’s next?

Are you feeling really confused right now about what to do after high school? You are not alone! Many high school juniors and seniors feel the same worry.

Maybe you went away to college, and it was not the experience you expected! Are you trying to figure out what to do now?

This can be an anxiety-provoking time for even the most confident of teens and young adults.

Unanswered questions abound.

You are confused about what you want to do next.

Deciding the type of job that is the best fit is not obvious.

Which is right for you, college or an alternative? Perhaps a GAP year is a better choice. What is a GAP year anyway?

Deciding on a college that is right for you and deciding on a major are daunting tasks.

Which is better, staying close to home or going away to college?

Seeking objective advice makes sense.

We can help you figure out what plan would be right for you.

Sometimes we recommend career assessments that highlight interests, strengths, and abilities and help you to identify potential professions to consider.

When appropriate, we can provide you with resources and help you access community services and benefits for which you might be eligible.

College is not the only option.

Did you know that young adults can choose a path for themselves that involve options other than a college path? These options can include technical training, certifications in various industries, or joining the workforce.

We understand that college is not for everyone! We can help you decide what path is best for you.

Prior planning helps make better choices.

Young adults who choose a college path often benefit from talking about how to make the most of their college experience.

You may sometimes feel anxious about what to expect and how to survive college.

Simply thinking about going away to college can sometimes cause intense anxiety for you.

Surviving college requires skill.

Developing and using tools to manage anxiety and attention problems will help you survive college.

You might not know that accessing accommodations at college is super important to help minimize the negative impact of these issues on learning!

We understand the types of accommodations you need if you are diagnosed with attention issues, anxiety, or depression so that you can be successful at college. We can help you talk to your school and receive those accommodations.

You are not in this alone.

Call us now for guidance in figuring out your next steps.