Child Custody and Forensic Evaluations

Divorce with children presents its own set of problems.

Divorce is often an incredibly vulnerable time in a person’s life.

On the mind of every parent is how the divorce will impact their children.

Parents have many questions and concerns when it comes to their children during divorce, such as figuring out what would be best regarding custody schedules.

This can be confusing!

Will your child experience emotional distress?

When the child is with the other parent, you may be concerned about their safety or well-being.

There may be concern over the impact of mental health or substance abuse of the other parent.

You might be concerned about how your child is adjusting to a new stepparent.

You are presented with decisions over sharing responsibility.

Scheduling custody and the impact on the child must be considered.

How do you work out holiday and vacation time in an equitable manner?

Someone needs to make educational and medical decisions for your child or decide on extracurricular activities. How are these decisions made?

You need to consider how a custody schedule might affect academic progress, as well as how it accommodates your child’s wants and needs.

Communication can be positive or negative.

Like it or not, estranged parents must communicate. How will communication about the children work?

What the other parent or extended family says about you to your child can impact communication as well as your child.

You may not know what is involved in a custody evaluation.

Child custody is a highly specialized area that requires ongoing training, collaboration with colleagues, and in-depth understanding of family law.

Our psychologists are experienced in conducting child-custody evaluations. We make ethical decisions and provide child-centered information for parents, their attorneys, and the court system.

We are trained in issues related to child custody.

We follow guidelines of our profession in conducting custody evaluations and keep up to date with evidence-based assessments for forensic purposes.

Moreover, we keep abreast of latest trends in family and custody law.

With us, the child comes first.

Our approach is child-friendly and sensitive to families who are in a high stress situation.

By integrating assessment data with knowledge of the family and of family law, our evaluations are meaningful for custody decision-making, and recommendations are in your child’s best interest.

Our aim is to provide a safe environment for parents and children as they go through the custody process.

More importantly, we listen to the voice of the child.

Professional evaluations help your child.

We conduct psychological testing for individuals who need a mental health evaluation for forensic purposes.

These evaluations are highly specialized and unique to each individual/situation.

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