How does a sibling of a special needs sister or brother handle the differences?

At Growth Works, we have observed the struggles that sometimes come about when a ‘normal’ child is faced with accommodating the different learning levels – or physical variations – between them and their sibling.

Sibshops are for families with a special needs child.

Sibshops are events where your child will meet other sibs (usually for the first time) who have brothers/sisters with special needs.

Sibshops are lively events just for school-aged children who have brothers or sisters with special needs.

The primary goal is to have fun, sometimes through playing games.

But the underlying goal is to talk about the good and not-so-great parts of having a brother/sister with special needs. We expand the knowledge base to talk about the services the sibling receives.

We work to build the self-esteem and self-confidence of the child seen as ‘different,’ as well as the siblings who may feel left out with all the attention going to the sibling with special needs.

Making life better for the entire family.

Sibshop is not a therapy group – but has therapeutic benefits. The group operates from a wellness perspective.

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